Friday, November 22, 2013


So the other day I was hard at work trying to remember my password when all of a sudden this pink satin thing got slipped on me. Of course my first reaction was, "not cool, dudes-not cool at all"
but then I remembered my password was 
satinpinkjacket and now we're all good again

Oh and dudes, behold my camo cape. It's the perfect accessory for the righteous outdoorsman-and that's me-Skunk the Cat the Righteous Outdoorsman! Because maybe my body can be housed but my spirit can never be broken. So this is my new profile pic and I'm pretty sure it rocks!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013



 Feline Friends

Yo! Skunk here. Or as I’m also known, the Papillon of Feline Friends. That’s right, I am the butterfly who cannot be caged. I know it’s wrong but I just can’t help myself. And what does that mean? Well- short story is this. I recently got bagged making a run for it out the side door of the Feline Friends Cat Sanctuary. I smelled fresh air and birds and I was out like a shot. And this time I was ready. No freezing two feet from the door as the majestic glory of the great outdoors overwhelms me only to be easily scooped up and plopped back inside. I can still hear it now, “you need to stay inside...blah blah blah...monsters...bears....yada yada yada...”  No- this time I was at least FIVE feet from the door. I even made Alanna, our manager, leap pretty far to grab me. And I don’t want to get anybody in trouble here but she said some pretty unprofessional things and I don’t see her writing any essays. But I am. Yup. Right after my stern lecture I was challenged to prove “that you learned something this time, Skunk!” So I took it upon myself to write out my side of the story and follow it up with all the safety tips I “agree” are important for my health and well being. These little kibbles of wisdom will be available here for anyone who loves cats and wants to be a better friend to them. So please make me a part of your internet routine and check me out often. I promise to entertain and maybe even amaze. And after all I’ve been through, I’ll be wicked sad if you don’t come back and check me out regularly. And I'm not talking about checking me out like the vet does. I just mean come by and read me. See, not that hard for either of us. So don’t make me sad, dude. Please don’t make me sad.
over the top, man- way over the top

Feline Friends