Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I got the best Christmas present ever!!!

And I'll admit it- this normally laid back dude is having a hard time holding back the excitement! And who can blame me? See I knew Alanna was up to something. I heard her rustling around my spot in the garage. But she's a sly one. And she had me totally preoccupied with this amazing ball. Have you ever seen one? It's on a string and you swing it around and oh man, Dude- it's just awesome the work those two can do together.

Anyhoo- when I finally made it back to my bed I realized I had been once again played. It wasn't just any ol' rustling around that sneaky Alanna had been up to. Nope. She was leaving me a present. And since I already have a Ball n String Combo set I didn't think I could ever want anything else. But as it turns out she gave me the very next best Christmas present a cat can get. That's right- a cardboard box!

Oh sure, she made some snarky jokes about me really deserving a plate of peanut butter in my stocking. You know. For all the times I made her stretch really far and scream "Hiya!!!" But who cares? In the end she caved and I got me a brand new box of adventures. I'll be busy forever.

Just imagine. The chance to sit and gaze and ponder from the most awesome perch in the garage. And then anytime I want I can curl up inside it. The perfect escape from it all. 

That Alanna. She's pretty cool. I hope her and all the furtastic volunteers at Feline Friends have a great holiday season. They sure deserve it. I'd love to start looking for presents for all of them. But the last time me and the other cats got together and "shopped" we made a lot of humans screech.

But hey. I really hope all of you are having a really cool holiday too. Everyone should be as warm and safe and loved as I am. I'm the luckiest cat in the world. After all- I got a cardboard box!!!


What awesome things happened for you this holiday season?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Whoa...I am blown away. Alanna and the crew from Feline Friends were able to raise over $7500!!! That's some kind of FURTASTIC news!!!

a small break in the action


Dudes. I'm so psyched. I've made a few friends here at Feline Friends and one of my good pals, Scrappy, has agreed to share his story. It took a little arm twisting. He's way more comfortable under the glare of the stage spotlight than he is tappin' at the keyboard. But I got him to share. And hey,  Four Paws Up 'cause it's a pretty good read. I wanna get Scrappy to come by soon for a little Q&A. 

If you could ask Scrappy anything, what would it be?

So a duck, squirrel and field mouse walk into a pet groomers. No wait. That’s no good. I’m guessin’ cats are the only audience who like jokes that start with rodents. Gotta push towards the mainstream Scrappy. Stay in the game.

Hey! Ho! You’re here. I didn’t see you sneak in. See I’ve been deep into workin’ my stand up routine and I may have lost track of time. But you have my full and undivided attention now. Or should I say it like this? I have yours. Yeah. That’s right. I’m the guy with the story. 

First off, everyone wants to know why a cat does stand up. And I bet you’re all no different. Well let me tell ya, there are a plethora of reasons. A cat livin’ on the streets, stalkin’ dark alleys and poorly lit barroom doors has gotta make a livin’ somehow. And just like any other species, bein’ funny can save you a beatin’ a time or two. Believe me, this is no joke. There are cats livin’ out there. And maybe a cat loves a jungle but not to that degree of heat. However. I digress. That’s not my story to tell.

I came to humor as a way to express my gratitude to the human’s who saved my furry butt. See I have a bit of a tragedy to share. But in no way does it compare to  what others have been through. And for one very good reason. My angels arrived in the form of Feline Friends. And because of them, this Scrappy guy never spent not one night on the pavement. But when I arrived at Feline Friends I felt there might have been some gloom in the air. Word gets around on the floor and I heard there had been a string of cat’s passin’ on in recent days and it had the humans on the down side. Sad but still cool. It shows they really care. 

So there I am and I figure it would be funny to pretend to fall off a bookcase. No harm done to this handsome mug but I did notice it considerably lightened the mood in the room. Soon I was lookin’ for other ways to crack ‘em up and voila. Next thing you know a comedienne is born. Long live the pratfall. Ah nuts. I’ve digressed again.

So I had a happy kitten-hood like most. Sure there were tons of brothers and sisters fightin’ for space and food. But those were just good learnin’ lessons for the true story life in front of any cat. It was later on that things got scary. 

I started havin’ trouble breathin’ sometimes. My humans took me to the docs and I can’t prove it but I swear I heard them say I might need some kinda long term medications to keep me goin’. Now I swear I was not lookin’ for any kind of special extra attention. But truth be told, things happen.

Only the humans played it off different and claimed they were the ones who couldn’t breath when I was around. All of a sudden I’m hearin’ scary words like “options” and “live on a farm.”

That’s when Feline Friends came into the picture. Now I don’t know how or why or anythin’ else. I just know they did. And because of that I moved into a pretty swank pad, with plenty of food options, cool guys to hang with and pretty straight shootin’ humans. Who, by the way, have never brought up the word “option” again. 

But here’s the thing. There are still some of my metaphorical brothers and sisters out there still curlin’ up behind dumpsters just to find a little warmth, protection or possible food droppin’s. So thank you for all you do to support Feline Friends. Because without you cats die. And that’s no joke.

Okay. So I feel the mood may be shiftin’ back to sad. This is where I come back in with humor. 

A sick, abandoned cat walks into Feline Friends Cat Sanctuary. And a whole new life begins.

Yo Dudes!!! Just got word from Alanna and the crew at Donation Central that Feline Friends has raised over $3500 from the Valley Gives Drive. Oh and they've put quite the hurt on the buffet table. I see more pushups in Alanna's future- ha ha. If you haven't had a chance to donate yet, please stop on by during the next POWER HOUR at 4pm!!!